Dr. Amy Carnall


Dr. Amy began her nursing career over 20 years ago. Originally trained as a pediatric critical care nurse, Dr. Amy quickly realized her innate ability to care for children. Throughout her dynamic career, Dr. Amy has cared for children with a plethora of severe and chronic illnesses. Dr. Amy also holds a certification as a Registered Nurse First Assist, allowing her to be a key member of a surgical team, working along surgeons in difficult surgical cases. Dr. Amy received her graduate training at the University of Pennsylvania and is a board-certified pediatric and adolescent nurse practitioner. She specializes in behavioral and developmental disorders that afflict youth. Dr. Amy is also trained in developmental testing utilized in the diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of childhood disorders, including Autism, ADHD, sensory deficits, motor skill disorders and other developmental dysfunction. Dr. Amy is highly skilled at working with patients and their families to develop treatment plans that are conducive to the family unit as a whole. Most recently, Amy received her Doctorate in Nursing Practice from Villanova University and conducted her doctoral project on the effects of untreated ADHD in youth and resulting comorbidity of substance abuse. Dr Amy is truly a kid at heart! She enjoys cooking and spending time with her husband and three children.

Cristina Sertway


With over a decade of nursing and psychiatric experience, Cristina quickly realized she had two passions: psychiatry and emergency medicine. Prior to entering the nursing field, Cristina obtained a B.A. in Psychology from Rowan University. Shortly after college, Cristina obtained a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and has spent the majority of her nursing career as an emergency medicine nurse at an urban, level-one trauma center. Cristina is dual-trained in pediatric and adult emergency nursing care, holding multiple advanced certifications in pediatric and adult resuscitation, disaster management and trauma care. Cristina received her graduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania and is board-certified as a family psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner, practicing in the treatment of both children and adults. Cristina specializes in the treatment of chronic and persistent mental illness, childhood psychosis, mood disorders (including: anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder), eating disorders, trauma and substance abuse. Cristina also specializes in complex pediatric and adult psychopharmacology cases and often utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to patient care when developing treatment plans. Cristina is extremely passionate about the preservation of mental well-being and advocates the importance of preventative mental health care. Cristina enjoys spending quality time with her husband, two sons and rescue pup, Lucia.