Try CBT When You’re Going Through a Major Life Transition

Apr 02, 2024
Try CBT When You’re Going Through a Major Life Transition
Big feelings accompany significant life transitions, whether that’s divorce, the birth of a baby, losing your job, or something else. Learn about a type of therapy that helps you transform ways of thinking that no longer serve you.

“The only constant is change” is an accurate truism. Have you ever thought that things will calm down once a specific date or event passes — only they never do? 

This is true when you go through a significant transition in life, like becoming a parent, gender reassignment, losing a loved one, retiring, reaching a milestone birthday — and there are many more. 

These major life changes — even when they’re welcome — can present a great deal of stress as you navigate them. You might feel frozen, afraid, or anxious about what’s to come.

Dr. Amy Carnall, Cristina Sertway, APN-PMHNP-BC, and Rachael Kolodziejczak, APN, PMHNP-BC, offer diverse therapeutic treatments to people undergoing significant shifts in their lives. 

Unmatched combined experience, impressive expertise, and compassion are what our Clarity Psychiatric Care team brings to their work. With our help, you can face each new season of life with confidence.

Why are life transitions so stressful?

Sometimes, a significant change is stressful because you’ve never experienced it before, like moving to a new city or building a new life now that you’re single. And ask any new parent what it feels like to be gazing down at this amazing new being with excitement but also a bit of terror! 

These types of events are bound to make you feel unmoored emotionally.

That is why speaking with someone and getting support when you’re entering uncharted territory is important.

When a significant transition is something you’ve been through before, like moving to a new house, your world is still upended. There’s no question that you’ll feel so much better prepared if you have a strong set of coping skills to get you through. 

Our Clarity Psychiatric care team offers powerful tools and treatments that help you through transitions, including grief counseling if you’ve suffered the death of a loved one or any other type of significant loss, career counseling if you’re new to the work world, or at a crossroads in your career. Couples counseling can help if you and your partner are struggling or in crisis.

An effective way of navigating change: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

What sets this type of treatment apart is that you work toward being able to identify and correct flawed assumptions, beliefs, and behaviors that may hinder you and prompt you to feel depressed

It’s typical for people to fall into patterns with how they react to change. Unfortunately, these patterns aren’t always helpful. CBT can help turn this tendency around.

CBT also helps you devise new approaches to easing anxiety, dread about upcoming changes, and fear of the unknown. We work with you to examine problematic ways of reacting and imagining new strategies, develop practical problem-solving skills, and gain confidence in your ability to handle a new environment, situation, or reality. 

You can concentrate on acknowledging your fears, talk to us about ways to deal with difficult conversations and events and learn ways to soothe your mind as well as your body. These might include exercise, meditation, yoga, and anything else you really enjoy, from planting bulbs to walking with a friend. 

People embrace CBT because it’s effective. CBT is also more focused on the present and what’s upcoming than on the past. We discuss important events in your history and how they may have contributed to creating patterns of how you deal with problems, but CBT is proactive and forward-moving.

No one should face challenges alone, and we’re here to help.

If you see a significant life change coming, contact our Cherry Hill office at 856-428-1260 to schedule an appointment or book one with us online