Clarity Care COVID-19 Statement

Our mission is to strengthen our community and improve the lives of our clients by delivering excellent health and human services tailored to meet their needs.

Clarity Psychiatric Care is a boutique-style practice specializing in psychopharmacology (the art of prescribing medication in the field of psychiatry). Our providers, Cristina Sertway and Dr. Amy Carnall offer office hours in Haddonfield and Elmer and Pennington, NJ. With over 25 years of clinical experience, Cristina and Dr. Amy are the University of Pennsylvania, holistically-trained nurse practitioners, emphasizing patient, and family-centered care. Cristina is classically trained in adult and child psychiatry. Dr. Amy treats children and young adults struggling with developmental, behavioral, and mental health disorders. Dr. Amy also provides developmental testing for youth struggling in the academic, home, and interpersonal settings.

Cristina is a board-certified family psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner, specializing in mental health disorders impacting both children and adults. Dr. Amy is a board-certified pediatric and adolescent nurse practitioner with extensive training in developmental disorders, developmental testing, and pediatric psychiatric illnesses, including childhood OCD and PANDAS Syndrome. Clarity Psychiatric Care is dedicated to bringing a profound element of comfort, empathy, and understanding of their patients’ unique circumstances and needs. Patient’s may use OON Benefits or HSA account. However, we do not currently accept insurance but will provide the paperwork to submit to your insurance provider for OON (Out of Network) Benefits.

The word psyche comes from the ancient Greek for soul or butterfly.

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